PROcesamiento MULTImedia DIStribuido
Programa S - 0505/TIC/0233, IV PRICIT, CM


Ponente: Dr. Nava TINTAREV (Telefónica I+D, Barcelona)

Recommender systems suggest items to purchase or examine based on users' preferences. In recent years there has have been a shift in what is considered important in recommender systems – from recommendation accuracy to other more user-centered criteria such as transparency, trust, satisfaction etc. In addition, traditional evaluation metrics such as root mean square error (RMSE) are increasingly being questioned.
In this talk, the speaker will give an overview of recommender systems, as well as related user-centered issues. Topics will include the speaker’s doctoral work on evaluations and explanations in recommender systems, and work currently being conducted at Telefónica R&D such as personalization for a travel scenario (within the scope of the WeKnowIt European project), as well as work with colleagues (X. Amatriain, J.M. Pujol, and N. Oliver) on how natural noise or inconsistency in user ratings affects errors in recommendation accuracy.

Fecha: 6 de Noviembre de 2009
Horario: 12:30 pm
Lugar: EPS Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Campus de Leganés. Aula 4.3.A05, Edificio Torres Quevedo

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